Risks Of Buying Mabatis from an Unknown Factory

Risks Of Buying Mabatis from an Unknown Factory

There are many Mabati companies that have come up over the last year or two. And while this is a good thing for Kenyan consumers, not every factory or brand is worth your hard-earned money.

What are the major risks of buying Mabatis from an unknown factory?

They include;

  1. Online scammers and cons are all over, ALWAYS think twice before buying Mabatis online.
  2. Substandard goods; you also risk buying low-quality Mabatis that’ll start fading or leaking after a few months.
  3. Unlicensed Mabatis; Some of these mushrooming Mabati factories haven’t fully complied with the Kenya Bureau of Standards. This means that the quality of the products you’re buying isn’t guaranteed.
  4. Poor customer care services; poor customer services and low quality products go hand in hand. Avoid such by buying from a reputable Mabati factory.
  5. No warranty; what happens when the Mabatis you ordered get damaged or lost during delivery? It may not be easy claiming such when dealing with a little known brand. The beauty of dealing with an established brand is that your interests and satisfaction are always put at the front.
  6. Special discount and offers; you’re more likely to enjoy major discounts and offers when you buy from an established Mabati brand. For instance, Royal Mabati Factory, one of the leading Mabati factories in Kenya has been offering special discounted prices and offers since mid-October; the special offers will apply all through the December festive season.


In a nutshell, conventional wisdom dictates that you’re much better buying your Mabatis from a reputable, established Mabati brand. It’s safer that way, plus you’re always assured 100% that you’ll get value for your money!

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