Things to Consider Before Starting A Mjengo

Things to Consider Before Starting A Mjengo

Do you plan to start a Ka Mjengo soon? It could be a residential home, rental properties, a commercial building, you name it! 

If your answer is yes, then here are 4 things you should always consider;

  1. Budget;

Obviously, budget is the most important consideration to make before starting a Mjengo. Get a professional to help you estimate the budget for each step of the Mjengo; the foundation, the actual building, roofing, plumbing, and electrical wiring, etc. Buying building materials like stones, sand, and Mabati mdogo mdogo can help you reduce the financial pressure.

  1. Legal requirements

Get proper permits and documentation from the authorities, depending on what you’re constructing. Nowadays, most County governments have Building and Construction departments that’ll guide you on what’s required of you. You may require special permits before cutting down some trees, changing a residential plot into a commercial one, and so on.

  1. Season;

With the heavy rains being experienced across the country, it’s very important that you get your timing right. Rainfall damages construction materials; it may even cause structural damages especially if you haven’t finished with the roofing. January to March are warm months, very ideal for starting your Mjengo. Between March and May, we usually experience heavy rainfall while October to December has short rains.

  1. Safety;

Lastly, remember that cheap can be expensive. Never settle for inferior building materials in the name of trying to save money. You want a safe and durable structure, right? Thus, make sure that your Mjengo is done by a professional and that the materials used are of the highest quality possible.

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